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Xpress XQ10 Jackson RC Raceway (United States)
S: Asphalt / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Felix Law Andrea Massioli
on 2024-03-27
Xray T4 2018 Total-Rc Saint-Hyacinthe (Canada)
S: Carpet / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Alex Fournier Andrea Massioli
on 2024-03-27
Awesomatix A800MMX RC Car Club of America (United States)
S: Carpet / T: High / L: Mixed
Toth Andrea Massioli
on 2023-06-14
Xray T4 2018 Urban RC - Radio Control Hobbies and Playspace (Singapore)
S: Asphalt / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Lex Tyler Andrea Massioli
on 2023-06-14
Schumacher Mi7 Kypak Indoor Circuit (Finland)
S: Carpet / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Pekko Iivonen Andrea Massioli
on 2023-06-14
Arc R11 2017 AMC Hildesheim e.V. (Germany)
S: Asphalt / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Lars Hoppe Andrea Massioli
on 2023-06-14
Awesomatix A800FX 360v2 (United States)
S: Carpet / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Steven Olsen Andrea Massioli
on 2023-05-06
Awesomatix A800FX TC Heuchelheim abt. Mini Car (Germany)
S: Asphalt / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Max Machler Andrea Massioli
on 2023-05-06
Roche Rapide F1 Hudy Racing Arena (Slovakia)
S: Asphalt / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Oliver Bultynck Andrea Massioli
on 2023-05-06
Serpent SRX4 Gen3 SDRC Raceway (United States)
S: Clay / T: Medium / L: Mixed
Bryce Butterfield Andrea Massioli
on 2023-05-03

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Coppa Italia Zona Centro
Coppa Italia Zona Centro
  • TOURING GT 21.5
Coppa Italia Zona Nord - TOURING EP - 1a Prova
RMT Torino     2024-04-21
RMT Torino
Segrate Night Race 2024 - Gara 1 - Touring 13.5 - Formula - GT3 STOCK
Nuova GAMES Segrate     2024-04-26
Nuova GAMES Segrate
TOS Master & DMC SK Lauf 27.-28.04.2024 Andernach
Arena33 Onroad     2024-04-27
Arena33 Onroad
Arc en Ciel Model Club de Maisons Alfort     2024-04-27
Arc en Ciel Model Club de Maisons Alfort

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